The ISCABBS Archives

Over the years, some ISCABBS users have saved posts.  This page is an attempt to pull all of those archived posts into one location for future generations.

  • Tomte's Archive (HTML) - an archive of all posts in all public forums from 2018-2023. Requires an invitation to view.  Contact Tomte on ISCABBS to request an invitation.
  • River's Archive (ZIP) "a zip file containing 99% of all posts made from 2009-2018 in Serious>, Political>, Global>, and Inside>, including the short-lived test bbs from 2014. Some deleted posts are included, and are marked as such.  For easiest access, download the free Mac program Bean. You may be able to pry the text out with other programs, but they are all .bean format."
  • No Shame> forum (HTML) - an archive of posts regarding the No Shame Theater in Iowa City, circa 1998-2001.