I$CA Coin

New!  Off-chain ledger!

ISCABBS has its own cryptocurrency since 2021!  Known as ISCA Coin, I$CA Coin, I$CAcoin, or just I$CA, it's a token on the Algorand blockchain.  To find out more, join the Cryptocurrency> forum on ISCABBS!

I$CA Coin on PERA Wallet Explorer

NFTs created by ISCABBS Users on the Algorand Blockchain:

ASA 612991154 "Wholist" by Tomte
ASA 407005671 "Kitten" by Faunus
ASA 612856836 "Triggered by Knightshade" by Tomte
ASA 605802922 "DiabetesBot" by Tomte
ASA 568526591 "ISCA Nickel" by Tomte
ASA 420964596 "srednop" by Tomte
ASA 388805579 "Invisible Hand" by Tomte
ASA 1416672693 "Cryptocalpyse" by Tomte
ASA 388751472 "Context" by Faunus

*NOTE:  I$CA Coin is just for fun, and for learning about crypto.  It has no real value and is not expected to ever have any real value. ;)

FORUM INFORMATION for Cryptocurrency>

If you have money to burn, buy some crypto!  If you don't, we'll give you some I$CACoin

For the discussion of cyrptocurrency, blockchains, smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), consensus protocols and all of the technology and irrational exuberance that supports make playing with cryptomoney and assets possible.

Blockchain based browsers and websites (sometimes called Web 3.0) are on topic, but random other technologies also termed Web 3.0 probably have a better home on the BBS.
Skeptics are welcome, but please don't derail every conversation.  We know it is imaginary, let us have a bit of fun.

This forum is also for the discussion and coordination of I$CACoin, the cryptocurrency created for the BBS and focused on rewarding the users of the BBS.  Please see the FAQs section for more on how to get started with I$CACoin.

Frequently Asked Questions:  What is I$CACoin?

I$CACoin aka ISCACoin aka ISCABBS Coin aka ISCA aka I$CA aka ASA #383890416 is a crypto token built on the Algorand blockchain.  It is intended to be a fun way to encourage users to support ISCABBS.  It does not have any monetary value and is for entertainment purposes only.

The Algorand blockchain is a proof of stake protocol and claims to be the "greenest" blockchain.  For our purposes the important part is that transactions are cheap (only .001 Algo per transaction) so it is quick and easy to send someone ISCACoin. AlgoExplorer can be used to see what is going on with I$CA

How Do I Earn I$CACoin?

Sysop:  10,000 I$CA per month
FM:      1,000 I$CA per month per forum

Win in Query>
Win at I$CA Boggle in Puzzles>

Contribute audio for the ISCABBS Oral History Project

I won't be keeping track of these or automatically paying them out, however.
Instead if you are interested in getting the reward in a qualifying month,
Mail> me telling me you want it, and then I'll send it to you.