Off the Chain!

All off-chain coins are escrowed here, ensuring that your off-chain account is fully backed by the underlying asset 100% of the time!

For those of you who don't want to fuss with block chains and wallets applications, we now offer an off-chain ledger for I$CA Coin.  See the Cryptocurrency> forum on ISCABBS for full details!

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Never let it be said that we aren't continually innovating in the I$CA Coin space!  Now introducing:  The ISCA COIN Off-chain ledger!
Partially inspired by Faunus' sarcastic comments that crypto could be done better just using a spreadsheet, this off chain ledger offers you the ultimate in convenience. Should you choose to host your coins here, you no longer need to install a wallet app, keep track of your seed phrase, opt into the asset, or even keep track of anything.
Instead, you keep track of your coin totals (and that of other participants in a fun dick waving competition) with the link above.
When you want to transact, all you have to do is tell Tomte "send so and so X number of iscacoins" and I'll adjust the totals accordingly.
All coins involved will be escrowed in a special on-chain wallet, so you can remain confident in the stability of the underlying asset, and you can convert in and out of the off chain ledger whenever you so choose.
Enjoy this new way to make using ISCA coin even easier!